*leche de tigre*

leche de tigreThe first time you ate Cebiche, you probably noticed the tangy milk that is left on the bottom of the plate after the fish is gone.  That my friends is called LECHE DE TIGRE. Any Cebichexpert will tell you that it is not to be missed and that you must drink it till the last drop. Yes. It’s that good !

This mysterious name literally means “Tiger’s Milk”… If this doesn’t give you an idea of what it is, don’t worry, nobody can figure it out before trying it. And no, I must confess there is no actual tiger milk involved in it ( sorry guys! ). This zesty juice is in fact the essence of Cebiche, the marinade where the raw fish will “cook” or cure and get most of it’s flavor and kick from.

Consisting primarily of lime / lemon juice with a variety of seasonings, this miraculous elixir is well known both as an aphrodisiac and as a hangover cure. “Leche de Tigre” is usually seasoned with chili, ginger, garlic, coriander sprigs, celery and of course the wonderful juices of the fish it helps to marinate. Traditionally served with Ceviche  and sometimes even as a shot with a little Pisco to “raise the dead”.

lechesdetigreSo, how does one make this marvelous concoction ? It seems that every recipe, chef, and Ceviche Aficionado has their own method for the perfect “Tiger’s Milk” and, as with every dish that carries such status, every person believes their own version is the best. Here goes a basic recipe. We suggest you keep it in mind more as a broad concept than as a strict guideline, after all it’s your own Ceviche you’re making, so what ends up going in it, is ultimately up to you 😉

Once you’ve  mastered the basics of CEBICHE, it will be time to take your Ceviche skills one step further: It will be time for “Leche de Tigre”. To make Cebiche with Tiger’s Milk from scratch, follow our recipe  *Cebiche* for dummies and replace the lemon juice for “Leche de Tigre”.

lechesdetigre2How to make “Leche de Tigre”

3 cups lime / lemon juice

1 garlic clove

1 tablespoon diced ginger

5 cilantro sprigs

1 tablespoon of rocoto pepper paste ( or aji amarillo paste)

1 chopped celery stem

licuadoraDirections: 1. Put the lime juice, celery, garlic, and ginger in a blender, and blend until all ingredients are incorporated. 2. Add some cilantro to the blender and pulse for 2 seconds, just to get some flavor out (be careful not to blend more than a couple of seconds because the sauce will turn bitter). 3. Strain the liquid through a sieve. 4. Add a little “aji amarillo” or “rocotto pepper” paste. (This can be replaced for Tabasco or Sriracha). This will keep for four hours in the fridge. Enjoy !!



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