spray it, don’t say it*


Bitter sprayed stencils are the latest trend in Sour cocktail presentation. From Lima to London, from Santiago to L.A., these finely crafted garnishes quite literally raise the bar.



cebiche-love-logoIs it Cebiche or Ceviche ?  common question… it’s actually the same word and nobody seems to know exactly how to spell it. Both are OK and accepted. But most importantly… what is it ? how do you make it ?  Cebiche is one of the tastiest meals in the world, and it is also one of the easiest to prepare: Fresh fish, salt, pepper, lime juice, chopped onions and a touch of garlic and chili for extra spiciness. We welcome you to the world of CEBICHE.

While the chosen breakfast as a hangover cure, or an everyday lunchtime favorite, Peruvians refuse to eat ceviche at night because the fish won’t be as fresh ceviche/cebiche*

let the sour in*

theSOURlife1Can’t live with out PISCO SOUR ? then if that is the case ( as is ours ) we find that much like us, you’ll enjoy a page entirely devoted to the world famous Peruvian cocktail, and to those of us who can’t live without it. We invite you to follow Pisco Sour Lover on facebook. You know what they say: -If Life gives you Lemons…….make PISCO SOUR !!!!